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Notary Journal Entries And Efficiency Stamps

A detailed Notary journal helps protect you from claims of negligence and potential lawsuits. But, journal entries are one of the most time-consuming parts of any notarization because of the amount of information that must be recorded. Some journal entries Notaries make are the same for each notarization they perform. Depending on the nature of a Notary’s business or employment, examples of repetitive entries might be the type of notarial act, name of signer, location, document title or fees ch

What Should I Do If I Have To Resign My Notary Commission?

Life happens. Jobs change. You might move to a new town, or finally retire. Circumstances come and go, and as result, you may need to resign your Notary Public commission. Here is what you need to know to resign your commission: Who Do I Notify When I Resign? When you make the decision to resign your Notary commission, you should notify the commissioning agency in your state — this is typically the Secretary of State. The notification should be in writing and sent via certified, return receipt

Notary Tip: Unusual IDs — Acceptable Or Not?

Notaries encounter many kinds of identification daily. The most common forms of identification documents encountered are driver’s licenses or U.S. passports. However, on occasion signers may present you with an unfamiliar form of ID. Determining if you can accept unusual identification documents is sometimes challenging, depending on your state law. Some states have clear acceptance standards for these IDs, but others do not. As a result, Notaries are responsible for knowing what forms of ident